wedding γαμος

Marriage is undoubtedly the most shining moment for each couple. It’s vital for the wedding photographer to have the necessary experience and “glanceto capture the beautiful moments, the smiles of the couple, of their families and friends. Photography is our passion and our goal in every wedding is to create images that will show off the natural beauty of the bride and groom.

The wedding is our job and photography is our passion. There are many of us photographers in every wedding. The main photographer is called Stamatakos Panagiotis. We make digital albums, digital prints of the photos. We take a lot of pictures. The video of the wedding has montage. We use drone, phantom 4 for awesome shots and so the wedding and the photography are one of a kind and you are going to have the best memories. Our photographers have a lot of wedding experience. What concern us is the couple to be happy for their photographer. We try to have a very organized photographers crew. Our cameras are high tech. Also, something very important in every wedding photoshoot is for us to have cover the event right and full. This means that we have a photographer and a videographer at the preparation of the bride and the preparation of the groom. Many photographers at the church and the reception, where we like to stay until the morning. In order to give you a date and to shoot you and your wedding, you must have an artistic next day shooting. Everytime we give each other the most magical photos and pictures. The bride and the groom need to remember those moments. A lot of times we have to travel to distant cities and islands in Greece. That thing, though, does not bother us because like we said before we truly love our job and we always want to create different pictures and to be happy of the result, as happy as you are with the photos we gave you. We have 2 photo studios, photography studios. One in Lakonia Molaoi Monemvasia and another one in Athens, Korydallos, Koridallos, Peiraias. The cameras we use are canon and all of our lenses are 2.8. Wedding goes hand in hand with photography.

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wedding γαμος